16 Adorable Rescued Pets Before And After Their Adoptions

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As the proud owner of a rescued puppy, I know all too well what a difference a few days of love, good food, and a comfy whiff can do for a scared pet.

While my puppy was “just” malnourished, I’ve written about plenty of puppies and kittens who find God knows what in their past lives. But once they’re indicated some affection and a good home, their whole demeanor, and hopefully perspective on life, changes.

To prove merely that phase, check out some of these amazing before and after adoption photos. Get ready for some serious feels.

1. Luna was found starve and contained within dirt. Just look at her pleasure after observing her forever home!

2. Penny was rescued from the county shelter with a slew of medical problems…but that all changed after some journeys to the vet and a whole lotta love.

3. Bug was found in the middle of nowhere not long after she dedicated birth. She was so timid until she went home with her mom.

4. Vitorio was found on the street severely beaten and incredibly malnourished. Now he’s in a caring home with plenty of furry companions.

5. Lilo didn’t come into her beautiful “erect ears” until she was free of the shelter.

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6. When she found Wombat, his rescuer thought he was blind. Luckily, he wasn’t and he’s now living the good life.

7. Poor Lily was forced to fight and lost an ear from it. After six days, she stole her new human’s hearts.

8. Gunny had been at the shelter for more than 100 days when his new owned fallen in love with him.

9. An amazing Good Samaritan rescued this stray dog from the streets in Chile.

10. This sweet girl was surrendered with a few other litter mates. After some time in a new home, she clearly detected her joy.

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11. Matilda was detected wandering on the side of the road with mange. A visit to the vet and a little love was all it took to get her back to 100 %.

12. Pickles was so scared when he was in the shelter, but now he’s happy as can be!

13. Lea ran from scared and grey to fabulous and snowy white!

14. Benny was found on the street with mange and a ton of other health issues. After some time in foster care, the cutie went to a forever home.

15. Kibby’s forever home had no idea that she would go from frail kitten to a fluffy, hyper cat.

16. Taboo was pulled from a kill shelter in the nick of time, and after some training, she’s become quite a lovely lady.

It’s clear that anything is possible with a little love, a ton of treats, and a trip to the veterinarian. I highly recommend opting to adopt rather than shop. Saving one life saves the others who can be taken in after them.

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