8 Types Of Sex You Have When You’re Sharing A Dorm Room

My first day of college has been burned into my memory. Its one of the most terrifying flashbacks I have, and trust me, honey: I have a never-ending laundry list of terrifying flashbacks that constantly invade the surface of my brain.

Did anything bad happen that first day? No.I mean, I was an eastern coast baby suddenly thrust into wild, wild southern California.So, I was a little taken aback by the slacken, throaty route my chilled-out, west coast compatriots spoke.

But nothing BAD happened.

Still, its a feeling I can so distinctly remember. As I put together my dormitory room with my flamboyant, over-the-top mother who had purchased a very retro shag carpeting and massive red oil painting of a Vogue model smoking for me I felt an anxiety I hadnt yet felt in all my 17 years on this cruel, cold earth.

The root of this all-consuming dread could be boiled down to three things: I was frightened of failing. I was frightened that my instinct that I merely might not be the college form even though I was at a notoriously liberal art school might be correct( it was ).

Mainly, I was frightened about who the hell I was going to live with.

Whenmy flaxen-haired, Malibu-tanned roommate gracefully waltzed into the room like the prima ballerina she was, I nervously smiled. I was feeling that good energy, babes.

Five minutes later, the two of us are smoking a low-key cigarette behind the dumpster, discussing our shared social nervousnes, love of chain-smoking and freaky Venice Beach.( This was before the great hipster takeover .)

I was smiling WIDE. I knew this ciggy-smoking, dance-major girl being and I were going to be best friends.We were both wild contradictions. I entail, she looked like a tall Olsen twinwith mint green eyes. I looked like an urban Esmeralda, withhair to my hipsandmega hoop earrings with my name etched across the middle.

Heres a picture of me in my dormitory :P TAGEND

( I feel like the fact that the matter is scene is upside down builds it even MORE real to my mental state .)

And you know what, daughters? I was finally in college . I had expended high school suffering secret kiss with girl children and disillusioning hookups with lanky skater-boys.

I was in southern California now, and I had a Dorm room. I was teeming with the relentless desire to SEX, SEX, SEX all these new west coast entities who were roaming around campus with their sun-kissed scalp and unkempt lion manes of hair. I wanted my 17 -year-old fingers to get lost in all that unbrushed surf hair.( I was from New York: Everyone had keratin, silky smooth locks .)

This was all new. And you know Im always turned on by whats new, new, new

My roommatewas single and sex, too. So, we navigated hooking up with different people in our dorm rooms pretty well.I entail, appear: I was a theatre major, and she was a dance major. Actresses and dancers will never hook up in the timbers, or in communal laundry rooms. We had standards.If there is no bed and no clean sheets, there is no sexuality from yours truly. Im high-maintenance .

I ended up falling out of art school because Im more of a workin breed of daughter and less of a beer-crushinbreed of daughter. But I still got a lot out of my one year in regular college.Namely, I learned a lot about the art of hooking up when you have roommates flung into their own lives mix.( They dont call it art school for nothing, kittens .)

Because, find, I moved straight from LA to NYC at 21. So, unless youve got an endless trust fund or a lucrative task in finance, if youre going to do now the whole Manhattan thing, youre going to have to share studios the size of shoe boxes. Youll be living instudios or raw, open warehouse spaces, deep in questionable parts of Brooklyn. They will have pod-like bedrooms with temporary walls so thin, youll be able to hear your roommateBREATHINGlet alone having sex.

And we all know that everyone in New York is sexually charged. You dont move to a town like New York if youre asexual; you move to places like Colorado if youre asexual.

But every Manhattan success story is rooted in the desire to throw a bizarrely gorgeous entity up against the wall and engage in some hair-pulling, spine-tingling~ sexuality ~. Why else would we pay $2,000 per month for an apartment with such weak shower pressure that its like raining under the kitchen faucet? We do it for the sex.

So, here are eight types of sexuality Ive had either in a dormitory room or in a tiny, shared studio apartment :P TAGEND

1. Silent Sex

When your walls are thin, or if your roommate is audio asleep, the only kind of sexuality you can have is the silent kind. This kind of sex is profoundly challenging, but also genuinely, bizarrely hot.

It reminds me of being a naughty teenager, sneaking hookups into my bedroom late at night.Also, Im a firm disciple that when you take one sense away( like SOUND ), it heightens all the other senses like sensation, baby.

2. Drunken Sex

Usually, youre a little illuminate when you think its actually a GOOD IDEA to bring someone back to your dorm room or shared studio.

Your sober self would get a HOTEL room, even if youre in college and dont have the money.( Thats why I recommend dating someone older when youre in college. But more on that subsequently .)

3. Desperate Sex

Sometimes, when you bring person back to your shared space, its not because youre wasted; its because youre desperate.

Its been so long since youve been laid that youll have sex anywhere. You need to dust off that rusty vagina before it objective up on sale at the thrift shop.

This sex is worth the fury of your roommates the next day.

4. Non-Sex Sex

There will be times when you bring someone back to your dorm with every intention of having SEX but once youre twisted in-between those hot, sweaty sheets, you roll over and lock eyes with your roommate. You then realize this is ALL TOO WEIRD.

So instead, you just expend the night nuzzling with your hookup. Its a very good way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDsif you catch my float, kitten.

5. Double Sex

Double sex usually happens when you stumble into your dorm room, your hands clutching a boy or girl you just picked up at the dive bar or hotel bar, if youre a posh slut like me only to realize your roommate is in the middle of a salacious hookup of her very own.

You think to your horny ego, Screw it, you only live once. So, you have sex in your little twin bed, and she has sex in her little twin bed. You both laugh about it the next morning over greasy eggs and cheap mimosas.

Nothing will bring two roommates closer than doubled sex.

6. Threesome Sex

This has never happened to me. But OH, I wish it had, kittens! The only people who I is well aware happened to are sexually liberated, hot gay boys with active Grindr accounts and abs cut from steel.

Its when you bring person home and your roommate joins in on the action, baby.

7. Oral Sex

Look, when youre having sex, that cheap dormitory bed is going to creak worse than an old ladys hips in vinyasa yoga class.

This is when oral sex be coming back really handy. Just clasp your hand over your mouth so you dont let on an irrepressible scream of pleasure. Also make sure your hookup is deep and hidden under those floral covers.

Then, you can have the quietest orgasm in the endless ocean of orgasms peppered through your endlessly sexual lifespan.

8. The Sexuality That Gets You Kicked Out

As is the case with most things in college that go wrong, youll likely bewasted off your ass when this ship goes down. This is when you have wild, wild, wild, LOUD sex in front of your roommate, who will be profoundly traumatized and request a new roommate ASAP.

You will be thrown out of the dorms, and forced to tell your mothers WHY, the next hungover morning on the phone.

Maybe this is when youll realize shared living just isnt for you. But kitten, if this is you, dont attain my mistake and move to NYC when youre still broke. Because if you think sharing a dormitory room is rough, try sharing a roach-infested studio with three roommates in a bad neighborhood.

And trust me: Your parents will be unlikely to foot the bill for this one.

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