Japanese Cardboard Artist Turns Old Amazon Boxes Into Tanks, Food And Other Incredible Sculptures

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Somehow, everybody find a cardboard box differently. Some people see it as a storage unit, some cats see it as a perfect home, and Japanese artist Monomi Ohno find it as a build material for her amazing 3-D sculptures.

It all began during her studies at Osaka University of the Arts, where she decided to specialize in 3-D animation. Yet to get your hands on the necessary software, you’d have to pay a pretty penny first. So instead of spending all that fund, she decided to use the hoard of empty Amazon boxes laying around to sharpen her 3D simulate abilities on.

What was supposed to be practice, has turned her into a cardboard artist! The empty boxes have become a canvas which she can now turn into literally anything. From tanks, rifles, and pop culture characters to even food! Take a look and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

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