Photographer Captures Topless Male Models Posing With Cats And It’s Absolute Purrfection

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These topless ridiculously hot male models alone would be enough to say that Michelangelo Cecilia’s photoshoot is a real eyegasm for the dames. But then they added super cute cats – and we just can’t dealing with this problem. The shoot was created for D’Scene Magazine and was ironically called ‘Pussy Riot’. Ultimately, at least someone understands that sometimes all a girl wants is a super hot guy and a fluffy cat to go with it … That’s not too much to ask, right?

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”Things didn’t go so smoothly with this photoshoot – at one point we had kittens all over the place, models having their diva moment, and everyone was in panic, ” Michelangelo told Bored Panda

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