The secret to collecting all the cats on Neko Atsume

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Collecting virtual cats is the prime is the subject of Neko Atsume, a ridiculously addictive Japanese mobile game that for many of its players doublings as stress relief. Once you download the app, you can fill your virtual yard with treats and playthings in the hopes that a few cats will drop by. But virtual felines are often as capricious as their IRL counterparts.

You may find your bowls of Frisky Bitz running uneaten, or the soccer ball you shelled out top goldfish for remaining untouched. Honestly, there are few sights sadder to behold than an empty yard on Neko Atsume.

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Amrita Khalid/ Neko Atsume

Coaxing rare cats to pay you a visit is a task in itself. Of the 53 total cats on Neko Atsume, 19 felines of the blue-blooded variety are considered “rare.” Many of these rare cats don interesting head gear and possess the personas of famous people. There’s a cowboy hat clad Billy the Kitten, Ramses the Great, and even a Chairman Meow. These fancy cats are trickier to lure since they favor specific foods and toys.Here’s a complete list of the rare cats of Neko Atsume below :P TAGEND

Also at play are each Neko Atsume cat’s individual power level. The higher a cat’s power level is, the more frequently he’ll visit. Cats with higher power levels chase off other cats they outrank.It might seem like it’s a jungle out there, but luckily there’s a technique to the madness. Here are some tips you should follow :P TAGEND

Splurge on fancier dining options

Thrifty Bitz is the feline equivalent of the Lean Cuisine that’s been in your freezer for the past yearit’s what cats feed when there’s no alternative. Thrifty Bitz is so bad that Neko Atsume literally devotes it away; the game gives you a limitless supplying. If you’re suffered by empty-yard disorder, it’s probably because you’re merely serving Thrifty Bitz. There are five other snacks available on Neko Atsume, ranging from sashimi to the uber-pricey Deluxe Tuna Bitz( a virtual cat magnet ), but they all require you to pay up in goldfish. Luckily, cats who visit will leave you “gifts, ” and not of the litterbox assortment. Neko Atsume cats will pay you back in gold and silver fish. In short, shelling out more for better-quality food is an investment . That being said, splurge on the most expensive stuff sparingly. As Recombu notes, cats aren’t more likely to give you more fish for the top-dollar stuff( Ritzy Bitz, Deluxe Tuna Bitz) compared to the less expensive but high-quality Frisky Bitz. By all means, if you have the gold fish to spare, go for the pricey grub. But if you’re strapped for money, a bowl of Frisky Bitz at 30 silver fish a pop will go a long way .

Get a yard expansion

Neko Atsume limits new players to a small yard with a bloom pot and porch. It’s a scant patch of land that won’t allow for more than one bowl of food and a few playthings. If you spring for fancy cat furniture and cat cushions, both huge draw in the world of Neko Atsume, it will get crowded fast. But with a yard expansion, you’ll be allowed to put out more bowl of food and biggest and most exotic playthings, like a cat choo-choo train. At 180 gold fish, you’ll have to save up for a yard expansion. But the purchase pays for itself. The more space you have, the more cats can visit it at once. Pretty soon, it’ll has become a regular felineboondoggle .

Cater to specific cats with toys and cat furniture

The rarer cats tend to veer towards fancy furniture or toy. If you’re looking for a specific rare cat, it’s likely they have a favorite plaything or perch to which they’re inclined.

Here’s a partial list of rare cats and their favorite goodies :P TAGEND

Joe DiMeowgio : This baseball-playing cat will come by if you buy a baseball from the Neko Atsume shop. He’ll even autograph it for you if you’re lucky.

Senor Don Gato : This Spanish-speaking feline likes Mighty Mouse, a special toy.

Conducter Whiskers : Snag a locomotive and this kitty will come a-running.

Chairman Meow : If communist kitties are more your flavor, be sure to splurge for an earthenware pot.

You can view a full list of rare cats and the treats and goodies that attract them on the Neko Atsume Wiki.

If it’s sheer sum of cats you’re after, be sure to buy the Cat Metropolis. The pricey structure can hold up to six cats. Not merely will Bob the Cat, the famous mountain-climbing cat, be sure to pay you a visit, but you’ll be treated to the sight of multiple kitties lounging on your metropolis.

Recombu also offers this method for getting as many cats as is practicable in one space for an awesome group photo for your cat volume:

“If you want to get as many cats as is practicable together for a photo op, its simply a instance of putting down all four of the cubes – Orange( 320 silver) Navy Blue( 320 silver) Tiramisu( 28 gold) Dice( 32 gold) – as well as the Giant Cushion( 25 gold ). These mega-cushions can have up to two cats on them at once, but they are occupy one space in the garden.”

Decide what you want to do about Tubbs

Tubbs is the Donald Trump of the Neko Atsume universea polarizing figure, as loathed as he is adored. There are Tumblrs devoted tohating Tubbs. There areTubbs-apologistsites and even initiatives tostop body-shaming Tubbs.

Tubbs is a big white rare cat who will show up and eat all your food. He will then pay you a ton of gold fish in exchange for eating the equivalent of five other cats. The first time this happens, you’ll detect where on the Tubbs spectrum you fall.

Tubbs supporters will argue that even though he devours an entire food bowl in one sitting, thus detracting other cats, he is also the most generous of all Neko Atsume cats. While a Tubbs visit will require you to re-up your food bowl, you may be grateful for the pay-off you’ll get in return.

But let’s say you’re sick of astonish visits from Hurricane Tubbs and want to shoo him away. You can fill up the food bowl again, which will induce him leave( it appears even Tubbs has restrictions, or is suffering from indigestion ), but you are able to earn even more fish if Tubbs leaves on his own.

If you don’t want Tubbs to come by at all, try putting all of your food inside the house. Warn: This method of detracting Tubbs will merely work if you haven’t bought a “Giant Cushion.” As the Neko Atsume Wiki points out, Tubbs is partial to the Giant Cushion as it’s the only cushion that fits him.

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